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Apax Constructions guarantees the delivery of quality constructions, emphasizing on 3 key elements "quality - time - cost". Satisfying any particular need of its customers, the company successfully delivers complete projects across the entire spectrum of the construction prossess since it has a highly qualified and reliable network of partners/suppliers/contractors. In particular the company is active in the following fields:

  • Construction projects: The company has a rich experience in hotel complexes, villas, bank branches, office buildings, retail stores.
  • EM projects: electrical, mechanical,, air conditioning, ventilation projects etc. )
  • Special Projects: In this category APAX CONSTRUCTION has a rich portfolio, restorations of classical buildings as well as electricity cogeneration projects (heating – cooling), restorations of the shoreline, constructions of hospital wings and last but not least complex metal structures.


Sekeri 4, Kolonaki, 10674 Athens
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